LabAssist Ton Grotens
After an intake - without engagement - I will will first gather basic information on your laboratory, like a frequency table, breakdown on FTE’s, short method descriptions, equipment list and the functionalities in your present LIMS. Supplying me with the required and correct information will significantly reduce the time required for the next step in the improvement process, i.e. the ‘lab tour’. After the tour I will produce a detailed report, describing the status quo of your lab, the points of improvement and an action plan, clustering the action points to subprojects. Finally the choice is yours, you can carry out the improvement project yourself and only ask my contribution when you are stuck in the implementation, or decide to leave the project management to me. Depending on the size and complexity of your lab, the production of the complete report and action plan will take 5-10 consultancy days (in principle per site).
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Your personal lab improvement project